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Film Director Kelley Kali in Buttons Scoop Neck T

I was lucky enough a while back to have film director Kelley Kali in front of the camera for my VINPIX scoop neck Buttons cotton t.   Now I'm excited to congratulate her and her team for winning the 2018 Student Academy Award for her film Lalo's House.  I'm incredibly inspired by her work!

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Creating "The 213" Tee

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles hearing the term "The 213" in the West Coast rap all around me from the likes of Pac and Cube.  Lately with the new attention on the South LA sound, I wanted to create a graphic that felt true and local.  The goal was to create something stark, bold with an attention to clean design.  It also had to graphically stand out.  Artistic problem solved by turning to my 1930's Underwood typewriter.  The dirty uneven characters create a one of a kind font. Check out Joselito, a So Cal skater tearing it up in Venice Beach in front of the camera for a music video shoot and getting fresh ink.  No lie, he is...

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